The sea, the ocean waves, rising, breaking and crashing on the shore and the movement of the water as it ebbs on the sandy beach: this is what I try to capture in my seascape paintings. In order to accomplish this I allow the painting to take on a life of its own by turning the color loose to float freely over the surface of the paper, in an abstract and impressionistic manner. The paintings are “landscapes of the sea”, the ocean used as a means of artistic expression.

Although modern and contemporary in nature, each painting unveils details and interesting designs in small individual items such as shells on the beach. I paint in watercolor and acrylic, using unique color, shapes, and textures. My painting style is to guide each painting by allowing it to evolve slowly on its own and to listen to what the process is telling me to add or subtract. My subjects include landscapes, growing flowers and plants, flowing and moving water, ocean waves, and the various colors of the land and sea.

Originally from Michigan, I have lived and worked as a professional artist in both Florida and Georgia for the past 22 years. The Georgia Watercolor Society (GWS) has awarded me the degree of Signature Membership. My art is internationally collected, received awards in various juried exhibitions, and has been featured in art magazines and books. (See my biography for details.) Please enjoy my art and use my email link if you have any questions, need information about purchasing a painting or print, or if you are interested in commissioning me to paint an original painting for your home or office.

Maureen E. Kerstein, GWS